About Me



After graduating with a degree in History of Art & Design, I unfortunately side stepped into a career less creative. It was when I became involved in the curating of an Art and Jewellery Exhibition that I realised that I needed to get back to my creative background.

This all coincided with my recover from the illness ME, I overcame the illness by embarking on several courses in silversmithing and lapidary. The result was a voyage of discovery from creative therapy to becoming a jewellery designer and the launch of my business Opal Gems.


I enjoy the creative process so every piece is made by hand in my studio situated in a renovated cotton mill in Stockport.

I use my sketchbook to draw designs, shapes and compositions. These then develop further as I work intuitively with the materials. 

My designs are created using traditional bench making techniques using sterling silver, elements of 9ct gold and semi-precious gemstones. I am also a lapidarist, this means that I am able to cut and polish my own gemstones. “It constantly amazes me the transformation of a rough piece of gemstone to a gorgeous finished piece.”

The techniques used on some of the collections include stone setting, planishing and detailed surface texture which all add to the interest of each piece. I often choose to oxidise silver which gives it a lovely matt dark grey finish which works beautifully next to vibrant colours of the milk sea glass.


One of my signature designs is jewellery incorporating milk sea glass from the North East of England.

I am inspired by natural elements and working with milk sea glass and its natural sea washed forms often determines the final designs for my collections.

With a background in Art History, I find I’m also inspired by many forms of art, be it a sculpture or artwork by a famous artist. These influences are reflected in my jewellery.